Space Tours – Star City, Moscow, Russia; Baikonur, Kazakhstan

NEWS Moscow – Star City: British astronaut Tim Peake has completed his last training session in a mock-up of the capsule that will take him to and from the International Space Station, Launch date 15 December 2015 at Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan

Star City is the cosmonaut training centre located just to the North East of Moscow – just under 2 hours transfer from the centre of Moscow. Our space tours offer the perfect visit for those interested in space exploration. Accommodation is recommended in Moscow – easily accessible and with access to all the major sights of Moscow, the Kremlin and its Churches, Novodevichy Convent, St Basil’s Catherdal and  Red Square – which are not to be missed!

Cosmonauts in Russia are trained at Star City utilising all the facilities of this specialist training base. Groups visit the museum that housesexhibits relating to Soviet and Russian space exploration – see our video below. It is also possible to visit the cosmonaut training facilities where they undergo simulated weightlessness exercises underwater and we can arrange lectures on site to suit your interests.

It is possible to arrange seminars and meetings to discuss space exploration with local experts and it is sometimes possible to arrangemeetings with current trainee cosmonauts.

For corporate clients, we can arrange flights to experience weightlessness on specially constructed high-altitude aircraft. contract us for details.

Visits to the launch pad for Russian satellites and rockets at Baikonur. Baikonur is in Kazakhstan and may be visited on organised excursions by charter flights from Moscow. Please contact us for prices and availability. Please note that visiting a launch from Baikonur is dependent on schedule of planned launches and subject to change and delay and can be complex and expensive.

Visiting the Cosmonaut Training centre at Star City:

Contact our Group Travel Department for full details of your requirements – we create special interest group tours for your particular interest – itineraries to suit your budget and interests!

Remember – if you are travelling from the UK our dedicated Visa Department handles all aspects of Russian visas too – Russia made easy! For our visa service, please visit: If your intention is to visit Star City and Baikonur, you will need visas for both Russia and Kazakhstan.

Please send group requests for detailed quotations to – or call our Operations Department on +44 1480 433783.